Mickey Leland

Mickey Leland
Former congressman Mickey Leland of Texas.
Former Texas congressman George Thomas “Mickey” Leland was born on November 27, 1944 in Lubbock, Texas. Leland developed a reputation as an advocate for the rights of those in poverty. He actively fought for healthcare for the poor and rights for children and the elderly. Leland graduated from Texas Southern University with a B.A. Pharmacy degree in 1970. He later became involved in politics, serving six years in the Texas state legislature. In 1978 he was elected to the United States Congress as a representative of the 18th district in Texas.

Rodney Ellis and Mickey Leland
Leland’s Chief of Staff Rodney Ellis and Congressman Mickey Leland.
Leland was re-elected five terms and served from January 3, 1979 until his death in 1989.  On August 7, 1989, Leland died during a plane crash in Gambela, Ethiopia.