March 13


Jean Baptiste Point du Sable      

It is believed that on this date,  March 13, 1773, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable established the area that is now known as Chicago, Illinois.
Jean Baptiste Point du Sable
Jean Baptiste Point du Sable was a free African American born around or before the year 1750 in Haiti.  In Chicago, Point du Sable is recognized as it's founder and his name is honored around the city on a bridge, museum, park and in other areas.   Point du Sable was a wealthy trader and landowner.  He later moved to St. Charles, Missouri and it was there that he died on August 28, 1818.
Kinzie House
The house built by John Baptiste Point du Sable close to the mouth of the Chicago River as it appeared when owned by the Kinzie family in the early 1800s.
 Below (The DuSable Museum in Chicago, Illinois)
The DuSable Museum
The DuSable Museum

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