Carter Godwin Woodson Founded The Association  For The Study Of Negro Life And History  

 If you do not know your history, you may find yourself lost in the present time.  Thanks to the man known as “The Father of Black History” Dr. Carter G. Woodson, African Americans are constantly learning their history in the present and becoming more confident in who they are because of the study of their past.

Carter G Woodson portrait
Dr. Carter G. Woodson

On September 19, 1915 Woodson founded The Association For the Study of Negro Life and History, currently known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. The Association created the Journal of Negro History in 1916 and the Negro History Bulletin in 1937.  Dr. Carter G. Woodson was born to slaves on December 19, 1875 in New Canton, Virginia. He died on April 3, 1950 in Washington, DC at age 74. Woodson began “Negro History Week” the forerunner to Black History Month. Dr. Woodson is remembered as a historian, journalist, author and the “The Father of Black History”.