Harriet Tubman Escapes Slavery

On September 17, 1849, Harriet Tubman ( 1822 – March 10, 1913), who was born under the name (Araminta Ross) escaped slavery from the Popar Neck Plantation in Maryland with her brothers Ben and Harry.  Shortly afterward, her brothers changed their minds about the escape and returned to the plantation with Harriet.  But freedom was on her mind and in her heart, so she soon escaped again only to return later to help her family flee to freedom. 
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Harriet Tubman was one of America’s leading abolitionist during the nineteenth century and is said to have began her work on the Underground Railroad on April 20, 1853. Born as a slave in Maryland, Tubman lead hundreds of slaves to freedom via the network of safe houses known as the Underground Railroad.

Harriet Tubman, with rescued slaves, New York Times
Harriet Tubman – To the left, with family and neighbors, circa 1887, at her home in Auburn, NY. Left to right: Harriet Tubman; Gertie Davis {Watson} (adopted daughter born 1874, ) behind Tubman; Nelson Davis (husband and 8th USCT veteran); Lee Chaney (neighbor’s child); “Pop” John Alexander (elderly boarder in Tubman’s home); Walter Green (neighbor’s child); Blind “Aunty” Sarah Parker (elderly boarder); Dora Stewart (great-niece and granddaughter of Tubman’s brother Robert Ross aka John Stewart).