Levi Coffin

Levi Coffin, who was often referred to as the “President of the Underground Railroad” was born on October 28, 1798 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Coffin received the title of “President of the Underground Railroad” because of the thousands of slaves he helped escape slavery from the south to the Northern United States.

Levi Coffin photograph c 1865
Levi Coffin c 1865
Coffin was a Quaker, abolitionists and businessmen who helped thousands of slaves in Ohio and Indiana. His home is often referred to as the “Grand Central Station” of the Underground Railroad because of the thousands of slaves that passed through or stayed in his home.  Coffin died on September 16, 1877 in Avondale, Ohio at age 78.

Levi Coffin House, front and southern side
Levi Coffin House, located in Fountain City, Indiana. Built in 1839, it was a station on the Underground Railroad,