Bill Pickett

Photo image by Anthony Hodge, Co-Chair of Norman Studios, for the film The Bull-Dogger (1922) with Bill Pickett.
Bill Pickett, one of America’s greatest cowboy, rodeo and Wild West performers was born on December 5, 1870 in Jenks-Branch, Texas. Pickett invented the method of wrestling a steer to the ground after leaping from a horse called “bulldogging”.  He joined together with his four brothers to create The Pickett Brothers Bronco Busters and Rough Riders Association.   Pickett later became a part of the famous 101 Ranch Wild West Show  which had the likes of Will Rogers, Buffalo Bill, and other famous stars.  He toured around the world and was featured in movies.  Pickett also served as a Deacon in a Baptist Church.  He died April 2, 1932 at age 61 in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  Pickett was posthumously inducted in the National Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1971.