Bernard A. Harris, Jr.   

Bernard Anthony Harris Jr
Bernard Anthony Harris Jr
Bernard A. Harris became an astronaut in July of 1991.  On June 26, 1956, Dr. Bernard A. Harris, the first African American astronaut to perform a spacewalk was born in Temple, Texas.

Sts-63 crew
Crew members assigned to the STS-63 mission included (front left to right) Janice E. Voss, mission specialist; Eileen M. Collins, pilot; (the first woman to pilot a Space Shuttle), James D. Wetherbee, commander; and Vladmir G. Titov (Cosmonaut). Standing in the rear are mission specialists Bernard A. Harris, and C. Michael Foale. Launched aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on February 3, 1995
During Harris’s second space mission February 2, 1995 – February 11, 1995, while a Payload Commander on STS-63 with the Russian space station Mir Harris walked in space for the first time.  During this mission retrieval of the Spartan 204 satellite was implemented by STS 63.  Dr. Harris served with NASA until April of 1996.

During a post flight conference Captain Jim Wetherbee of STS Flight 63 introduces members of the STS 63 crew including Dr. Bernard Harris.