Buffalo Soldiers Established

The Buffalo Soldiers were established on July 28, 1866 when Congress passed the Army Organization Act.  This Act authorized the creation of four new cavalry regiments, two which would be composed of African American troops.  This was the historical beginning of the famed 9th and 10th Buffalo Soldier Cavalry regiments.  These soldiers represented the military in the finest tradition of bravery and valor in Indian battles in the West, the Spanish American War, maintaining the Mexican border neutrality laws, the Philippines and with battles with Pancho Villa in the Mexican punitive expedition during 1916.

Buffalo soldiers
Buffalo soldiers of the 25th Infantry, some wearing buffalo robes, Ft. Keogh, Montana in 1890 (eight years before the start of the Spanish American War)
 On April 24, 1898 Spain declared war on the United States followed by the United States declaring war on Spain April 25, 1898.  African American regiments of the 9th and 10th Cavalry along with the 24th and 25th Infantry were some of the first troops dispatched to the war.  In April of 1898, Major General William Shaftner led 17,000 troops of which 3,000 were African Americans into Cuba.  According to the National Archives, it has records on the 9th and 10th Cavalry spanning over 80 years from 1866 to 1946.

Below – An African American Corporal With The 9th Cavalry in 1890.
Buffalo Soldier 9th Cav Denver
Buffalo Soldier 9th Cavalry – Denver
Below – The 24th U.S. Infantry At Drill, Camp Walker, Philippine Islands In 1902.  
24th Infantry
24th Infantry