May 5

May 5, 1865 – June 12, 1953 – Adam Clayton Powell, Sr.

Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. was born on  May 5, 1865 in Franklin County, Virginia.  Rev. Powell was the pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York.  Under his leadership the church grew to have the largest Protestant congregation in the United States with 10,000 members.  Powell was one of the founders of the National Urban League and the father of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. who followed him as pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church.  His son, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. was also a United States Congressman who represented Harlem for twelve terms.

Adam Clayton Powell, Sr.’s son Adam Clayton Powell, Jr delivers his “What’s In Your Hand” speech.

Abyssinian Baptist Church 132 West 138th Street

Abyssinian Baptist Church 132 West 138th Street


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