Harry Belafonte 

Singer, an actor, producer, songwriter and social activist, Harry Belafonte was born on March 1, 1927 in New York City.

Harry Belafonte Viennale2011b
Harry Belafonte at the Vienna International Film Festival 2011.
Belafonte set musical records with the highest selling album by a single artist in 1956, Calypso sold over a million albums. Belafonte became the first African American to win an Emmy on June 20, 1960. He has also won a Tony Award, Academy Award, three Grammy Awards and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Harry Belafonte Civil Rights March 1963
Harry Belafonte at the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington, DC
Belafonte is well known for his civil rights activism and was a prominent fixture in civil right protests and marches as a close ally to the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.   He has continued his activism for various humanitarian causes into the twentieth first century.

Harry Belafonte being interviewed backstage during the screening “Sing Your Song” by Occupy TVNY on October 30, 2011.