Alfred Masters | The First Black Marine 

Alfred Masters became the first African American inducted in the United States Marines since the Revolutionary War on June 1, 1942 in Oklahoma City.  He then received his training at historic Montford Point which is featured below.  In the Marines, Masters was promoted to the rank of Technical Sergeant.  He was born February 5, 1916 in Palestine, Texas and died in Anthony, New Mexico on June 16, 1975 at age 59.

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Three months after June 1, 1942, the first class of 1,200 Negro volunteers began their training as members of the 51st Composite Defense Battalion at Montford Point.

The Montford Point Marines
In 1942 African Americans were recruited for the Marines to receive basic training at the segregated Camp Montford Point in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  Over 20,000 troops were trained at Montford Point between 1942 and 1949.  The base was deactivated in September of 1949 following President Truman’s Executive Order #9981 negating segregation in July of 1948.